Imagination Comes Alive with Costumes from Bootsie’s Boutique by Rod White

Children live in a magical world where imagination is king and everything is possible. In the twinkling of an eye they can magically overcome monsters and evil forces, fly majestically through the air, conjure up fairies and elves, or become adored princes and princesses. Oh, to return to those days!Image Continue reading

Special Occasion Holiday or Flower Girl Dresses by Rod White

Don a Gorgeous Dress from Bootsie’s Boutique at Your Next Special Occasion Event IR.NightMoves.6467

Do you have an upcoming holiday or birthday party, anniversary dinner, wedding, or other special event planned? If so, you will find that the gorgeous dresses provided at will meet your pressing need and make you shine in the process, regardless of the event.


We scan the horizons for fashion dresses that are both beautiful and trendy so you are en vogue when you waltz into your special event. Our holiday dresses and special occasion dresses are selected for their beauty, style and popularity. They are also offered at affordable and competitive prices so that you are able to shop with us often and obtain trendy clothing and accessories for yourself or as gifts for loved ones.

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Even if the party, wedding, or anniversary is not being held in your honor, our dresses will ensure that you feel special and draw admiration and attention. If the special occasion happens to be in your honor then you will definitely feel like the center of the world wrapped in one of our gorgeous dresses.

CK.596.ModelIf you have a little princess that is in need of a flower dress, we also provide an eye-catching selection from which you can choose. Weddings are special occasions, not only for the bride and groom, but also for all those involved in the magical celebration of love and life. ThCK.914Ivoryerefore, ensure that your doll is wearing one of our wonderful flower girl dresses that will shine in all the photos being displayed by the lucky couple as well as their family and friends.

Take time now to browse through our selection of special occasion dresses, holiday dressesCK.830Aqua and flower girl dresses and pick out your favorites to don for your upcoming celebration or celebrations. Then, check back with us often to see all the new arrivals that we offer throughout the year. Trust Bootsie’s Boutique to provide you with the best in elegance and style for all your special occasion events!

We have many more dresses arriving soon~ perfect for Your Special Occasion Event! We hope that you will stop by and visit! Thank you!

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Holidays & Dolls – A Perfect Combination!

Victorian Mom and her precious daughter share the excitement of Story Time together.

Victorian Mom and her precious daughter share the excitement of Story Time together.

Christmas and the Holidays are about Making Memories to last a lifetime! Dolls have a very special place in that Magical Time, as they seem to encapsulate the Joy of the Season! Choose a doll that reflects the personality of the loved one to receive it, or the gift-giver. Bootsie has been a life-long collector of dolls and is sharing her passion with others by finding treasures that speak to her. Hopefully one will touch your heart, too. The dolls are also helping charitable organizations, with proceeds going to Wounded Veterans, Leukemia-Lymphoma Society, Kidney Foundation, Project Hawaii/Christmas Wish for Homeless Children and Moms, a Cerebral Palsy facility in Maryland, Three Hots & A Cot Shelter for Homeless Veterans in Alabama, Paralyzed Veterans of America, AmVets, USO, Fisher House, and soon a scholarship fund in our brother’s and father’s names to Texas A&M.

We hope that a Doll may be a Gift  you have in mind for a very special loved one.

Princesses and Prom Fashion Dresses by Rod White

Every girl dreams of waltzing into her prom decked out in a prom dress that will make her stand out from the crowd, catch the eye of her boy (in truth, all the boys) and make her the envy of every other girl. Therefore, a girl doesn’t want just a dress for her prom, she wants a masterpiece!

Parents, pay attention to this! When your baby girl comes of age, she doesn’t want a cheap prom with a hand me down prom dress. No! Today’s teenage world is a fierce and furious arena of competition, each girl jostling for the highest position of status possible amidst her glancing peers and your princess will turn battle hungry when it’s time to prepare for her prom.

A teenage girl’s prom night is one of the most important events in her life and her dress MUST be a knockout! She will most likely look for something that is classy and makes her look like a lady, yet with a splash of sexy to let the world know she’s a woman coming of age.

Fortunately, a variety of styles exist which will meet the need of every personality. Some girls will choose a sleek and sexy pageant or evening dress while others will passionately embrace the full flowing Cinderella-like gown. Some will prefer spaghetti straps or halters while others will want to slip into a strapless. Regardless of which style turns your baby girl on, you can be sure she will expect to fulfill her vision of being the princess of the ball!


Bootsie’s Note: Keep in mind that to avoid a cheap prom doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend an outrageous amount on a dress. At, we have a generous selection of prom dresses for girls that are affordable as well as gorgeous. An added benefit of shopping with us is that you and your daughter can avoid the harassing crowds and conveniently sit in the comfort of your home and choose from our stunning dresses online. Give your princess the night of her dreams by choosing a beautiful prom dress from!

Searching for THE Party Dress by Rod White

Finding the right selections of clothing for women can be a nightmare. An entire host of factors have to be taken into consideration such as the current style (which is changing as we speak!), the time of the year, the purpose for which clothing is bought and, of course, how it looks when donned!

When it comes to acquiring a dress for an engaging social party, not just any one will do. It has to be THE party dress! Even if one is invited to parties on a regular basis, God forbid that the same party dresses be worn without a “proper” lapse time! Therefore, an arsenal of special fashion dresses needs to grace a lady’s wardrobe. Long dresses are required for formal parties, short dresses meet the need of an outdoor event, night dresses are a necessity for those times when you need to slip away into the darkness and mini dresses are a must when wanting to tease and tantalize! Oh, what’s a girl to do!

Luckily, in today’s world of technology, a woman can throw off the chains of store-to-store shopping drudgery and find her perfect dress online. Fashionable party dresses in a breathtaking variety of styles, colors, patterns and designs can easily be searched for, selected and ordered from an online dress shop. This makes filling one’s wardrobe a breeze! And since finding THE party dress is so important and there are such a variety of party events that require your presence, you can conveniently search for and purchase a stunning dress for each occasion while sitting comfortably at your computer. What’s more, no one will be the wiser!


Bootsie’s Note: If you’re looking for a knockout dress for an upcoming party, check out our stunning collection at We offer a nice mix of formal full-length gowns and sexy, hot mini dresses at sizzling prices! Visit our online dress shop today where clothing for women is our specialty!

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Adorable Christening Outfits for Your Special Baby by Rod White

The christening of your baby is a special, once in a lifetime event that should be treated with the greatest reverence and fanfare. Besides, this is the day that your precious child is dedicated to God and often given its Christian name. He or she should be decked out for the occasion in the nicest christening clothes for baby that can be found!

Not only is a christening a sacred and holy experience, but it is also a time for family and friends to join together in admiration of both the child and the event. It’s a time that draws the baby’s social circle together for well wishes and prayers that will begin the child successfully on its path of life with a bundle of love and support. Therefore, a beautiful baby dress for a girl and appropriate baby wear for a boy should be chosen with love and respect so that the child is the best offering of beauty they can be.

When it comes to choosing christening clothes for a baby girl, an elegant dress with a matching bonnet or hair bow are the most commonly used sets. An infant boy usually wears a longall or romper and, in many cases, a hat is included depending on the taste of the parents. And, of course, whether you’re choosing clothes for baby girl or baby boy, the color selection should be white to represent their core purity and innocence. 

Remember, this an extremely special event; one of equal importance to a graduation or wedding and so it shouldn’t be treated lightly. Once the ceremony is over, it can only be recollected in a fleeting memory, or hopefully captured in some of its grandeur via photographs or video. Therefore, you want your baby to look its best so your memories will be especially fond and glorious ones! Also, a child’s christening suit is often kept, meticulously stored and saved to pass on to the grown child for their own baby’s christening.



Bootsies’ Note: Bootsie knows babies! And at, we offer some of the most precious christening outfits and sets that will enhance the vibrant beauty of your little one. Our selection of christening baby wear includes dresses that come with either a hat or hair bow for girls and longalls or rompers, some with accompanying hats, for boys. When you want your baby to look its best for that special day, present them in one the beautiful christening clothes sets from!






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Comfortable & Attractive Maternity Clothes for the Mother-to-be by Rod White

Giving life to another soul makes the beginning journey of motherhood an exciting experience. An expecting mother carries and nurtures her child in her womb, creating a bond that will last a lifetime between her and the baby. During this special nine months, the infant forms and grows in the safety of that warm and loving space, developing into the being that will soon grace the world.

Therefore, an expectant mother requires maternity clothes that will expand and remain comfortable as the baby matures. This is important for both parties as the mother wants to remain as comfortable as possible while carrying the child and the child needs room to grow without being constricted by tight pregnancy clothes.

However, comfort makes up only half of the maternity equation because a woman wants to feel attractive and even sexy during this special time of her life. It can be tough dealing with weight gain, added internal pressure, aches and pains, and other changes that occur during pregnancy. Therefore, pregnancy clothing needs to also be appealing and eye-catching as well as comfortable so that the glowing, expectant mother looks and feels her best as she proudly carries her unborn child.

Pregnancy dresses are a main go-to item in maternity clothes because of their loose fit and free flowing style. However, dresses are not always practical in today’s world and, therefore, other maternity wear has been created, giving the mother-to-be a host of comfortable and attractive choices. Comfortable and casual leggings and Capris with loose tops of varying styles are a popular choice. Slacks and jeans with expandable waists are other good selections in a mother’s wardrobe, all of which give a broad range of mixing and matching for practically any event.

Breastfeeding is another important issue of motherhood. The practice has regained popularity as a variety of experts have lined up to trumpet the benefits of nursing compared to bottle feeding. Riding the breastfeeding wave are also those who have a “get back to nature” mentality and simply choose to nurse their babies in an all-natural way.

For such women, a large selection of nursing bras is included in pregnancy wear that makes it both practical and convenient to nurse an infant. These special bras are also available in sexy styles which allow a mother to nurse her child in any setting easily and discretely, and yet feel like a million bucks!


Bootsie’s Note: If you’re looking for maternity clothes for yourself or as a gift, check out our maternity shop at You will discover some very attractive and comfortable maternity items and sets as well as some very sexy nursing bras that will make you feel like a desirable woman and yet provide ease of nursing when the time arises!

“Sugar and Spice” Holiday or Flower Girl Dresses by Rod White

 Little girls are sugar and spice and everything nice and they adore reflecting those traits, especially by wearing a dress that has all the frills of those worn by their adult women role models, both real and make believe. Therefore, when it comes to prepping for holiday events or playing the role of wedding flower girls, both beauty and elegance are required in dresses for girls that meet the desires of these emerging princesses.

Also, there is nothing that boosts the parents’ pride more than seeing their little girl dolled up in a beautiful dress. These are magical moments that are captured not only in the heart and mind, but also by camera so they can be relived, enjoyed and shared for years to come.

Not only are beautiful fashion dresses and flower dresses worn by one’s baby girl good for a parent’s heart, but the maidens themselves are filled with joy and confidence as they bask in the admiration of adults and peers. I’m sure many a successful woman can at least partly attribute her success to when she showed up in a gorgeous girl dress to those special character-building events that made her feel like she could conquer the world!

Therefore, it is both satisfying and important to choose glamorous dresses for girls which they can wear to holiday and wedding events. Christmas, Easter, New Year’s and even birthday parties and social dances are times that should be treasured, and providing the perfect dress for that anticipated special event will bring you and your little princess a lifetime of beneficial rewards!

Bootsie’s Note: Every girl will enjoy the dresses for weddings and special holiday dresses which we have posted on our website at www.Bootsies-Boutique.comOur Young Girls’ dress shop contains many of the most popular and stylish girl dresses. What’s more, buying dresses online is a convenient way to shop for, choose and select just the right darling dress that will cause those who behold your angel to break out in sighs of delight and make her feel like the special girl that she is!

Kids Costumes Make Fantasies Come True by Rod White

With Halloween just around the corner, children’s imaginations are alive with the idea of transforming into their favorite mythical characters through costumes. Visions of pampered princesses, frolicking fairies, marauding pirates and world-saving superheroes fill practically every young mind. Such is the stuff that childhood is made of.

Donning Halloween costumes is both magical and inspiring as they transform mere fantasy into elements of the real and provide children with a safe and exciting world in which to escape. Costumes for kids don’t only stimulate youngsters, however. As adults, our inner child is also revived as we see the gleam of excitement in the eyes of our kids and watch their personalities transform into their favorite imaginary idols. Such experiences bring families together, allowing parents and children to share in a make-believe world of wonder and adventure.

The magic of costumes can often help children to excel and overcome real-life problems. For instance, Bootsie told a precious relative that when he put on his magical Wizard Cape he could do anything he wanted… even his math! He slept with the cape (and wand) by his bed for months!

Many moms have written to tell them that they cannot get the costumes off their little ones. One grandmother, a diver, wrote and said she keeps a treasure chest of mermaid & pirate costumes for her grandchildren to enjoy when they come to visit. Fantasy makes us all feel special, able to conquer our worst fears, make the very best of our lives and positively touch those around us.


Bootsie’s Note: At, you’ll find a variety of costumes for Halloween and other fun, dress up costume parties. Some of our best sellers are Princess Costumes such as Pink Asian Princesses, Mermaids, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Snow White, and a few Arabian (Jasmine) Princesses. Due to the success of Harry Potter, Wizards and Hedwig the Owl are popular. Witch (glamorous), Cool Ghoul, Ninja and Pirate Costumes are also hot!

When it comes to finding costumes for kids and getting interesting costume ideas, offers a treasure trove of great selections. With well over 100 kids costumes listed, you are sure to find just the right ones that will make your children glow with excitement as they embark on their dress-up adventures.


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Please stop by today, your one stop costume shop for kids! We have many fun ones in stock and more on the way!

Hit the Party Scene in a Casual Comfortable Maxidress by Rod White

The start of the 2011 party season is upon us and women from all walks of life and age groups are scurrying to find just the right dress for the occasion. Thank goodness maxi dresses are in fashion as their adorable, flowing, full length style provides not only an air of elegance, but also wraps you in sheer comfort. Thus, the maxidress is the perfect clothing choice for practically any social event.

These beautiful long dresses are stylish and sexy, wonderfully complementing the feminine form. They can be worn to both formal and informal events and are enhanced by a variety of accessories, making them an exceptionally versatile dress.

Maxis have been successfully worn down the red carpet by such celebrities as Nicole Richie and Blake Lively. However, one of the best qualities of the maxi is that anyone can wear them. Their flowing design accentuates assets and hides flaws, making them a go-to dress for all women. These fashion dresses are especially appealing to those who are pregnant.

Maxis are also great choices because they come in a large variety of designs that suit both older and younger ladies. You can find maxi dresses in solid colors, floral patterns, stripes, polka dots, tartan and other attractive prints. They can also be obtained with halter necklines, spaghetti straps, plunging necklines, backless, or with either short or long sleeves. Because of their popularity and versatility in style, maxis are no longer worn just to summer garden parties, but can be donned at virtually any occasion and during any season.

Slipping into a maxidress has a way of transforming you into a figure of beauty in an instant. Armed with such appealing and comfortable grace and charm, you can confidently attend any cocktail or pool party, wedding, cruise mixer, beach bash, or down home get-together knowing you will grace the scene.

Besides all of these fabulous qualities, maxis are inexpensive too! Every woman can fill their closet with a variety of these beautiful and comfortable casual dresses and be ready for any exciting event. Maxis also make for easy gift shopping so you guys who are contemplating coming birthday, anniversary, or Christmas gifts will hit a home run with maxi dresses!


Bootsie’s Note: If you’re looking for such a dress that will make you (or your lady) look and feel fabulous, check out our stunning dresses online at Our maxis have that long, flowing nature and elegant look that enhances feminine attributes and invokes celebrity style.

Maxi dresses are the main clothing item in any chic and trendy Lady’s wardrobe so stock your closet by visiting us today!